2019 Student Recital FAQ


What exactly is a recital?

Recital Definition

At the Richard Davis Young Bassists’ Conference, recital is usually given solo or with piano accompaniment. Our wonderful accompanist, Beth Wilson is a highly in-demand professional pianist in the Madison area who has been accompanying bassists for over 25 years (Ps. Her own son is a bassist too!). 

Who will be there watching?

Your peers, family members, will be there, and some RDYB Faculty will be there too, listening to the recitals, writing personalized comments for each soloist to help them in their bass playing development. 

What if I’m nervous? 

Being nervous is natural. Remember that we are all here to support each other and learn. There are lots of bassists around all weekend who have been nervous before too – find someone and ask them how they overcome or control nervous feelings. 

What if I’m not in a recital? 

You have the opportunity to listen to your peers. This is a great chance to see great bass playing up close, and to hear/learn about new music that you might be interested in learning and playing.  

What time are the recitals? 

This year, recitals will be at 11am on Friday and 11am on Saturday. See how recitals fit into the rest of the weekend’s activities by looking at a past year’s schedule. Your personalized schedule that you get when you check in Friday Morning will look something like this.  

Will I have a chance to practice with the piano part before the performance? 

Yes! You will arrange a time sometime before 11.00 on the day of your recital with the accompanist. We will introduce everyone to all of the conference faculty, including Beth, Friday morning in our welcome meeting (9am!). 

Full 2019 Recital Schedule