Beau Sample


Beau Sample is a Chicago based upright and electric bassist. He was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. He moved to Chicago from Austin, Texas where he performed and recorded for 3 years and attended Texas State University (Jazz and Orchestral studies.) He played in Austin as a member of Elana James and The Hot Club of Cowtown, The Dave Biller Combo, The Seth Walker Band, Whit Smith’s Hot Jazz Caravan and others. He now plays in Chicago with Joel Paterson and The Modern Sounds, Sanctified Grumblers, The Fat Babies and Alfonso Ponticelli. Sample has toured the world and the U.S. many times over with with his former band, Cave Catt Sammy and with Elana James. His travels have taken him to Canada, Norway, Spain, England, Holland, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, Belgium, Mexico, Denmark, Azerbaijan, Armenia and The Republic the Georgia, not to mention most U.S. states.  He also toured the U.S. with Elana James (Bob Dylans former fiddle player) opening for Dylan in 2006. Beau has recorded with many artists in Austin and in Chicago including; Carl Sonny Leyland, The Hot Club of Cowtown, Cave Catt Sammy, Johnny Gimble, Dave Biller, Elana James, Joel Paterson, The Del Morroccos, The Modern Sounds, Billy Boy Arnold and Janis Martin. Check out Beaus music at: