2014 Bass Conference Evening Concerts

The Richard Davis Foundation for Young Bassists annual conference supports two evening concerts after an invigorating day of classes. Saturday’s concert features the clinicians and foundation alumni, and Friday is an all conference mega bass orchestra.

Every year after leaving the Saturday night concerts, I can’t help but think, “that was the best concert ever, there is no way that it could ever be topped!” This year was no exception. This year, as always, the faculty stunned and amazed with a broad diversity of different styles and musical sounds including electric bass, ampeg baby bass, and a range of upright double basses. I think the thing that set this year apart the most, was the cozy Music Hall venue. Here, it was easy to witness some of the more tender and intimate sounds and nuances of the double bass. The clinicians carefully programmed the concert to take listeners on a sonic journey. Full Clinician Concert Program.

Friday night, students gave enthusiastic small group performances in trios to quintets and more. Following all small ensembles, all bass players united into a huge, two-tiered bass orchestra that spilled off of the stage onto the apron in the house. It was a true surround sound moment. Full Friday Student Concert Program.