RDYB @ Madison Soup

madisonsoup_logo_horizontalRDYB has been given the opportunity to present a ‘project idea’ at the Madison Soup this Sunday, March 16, 2014. This is the first of many scholarship fundraisers yet to come this year. Come support the foundation and scholarships for young bassists ! You must RESERVE TICKETS ahead of time online. We have already had 2 scholarship applicants this year– To keep the annual conference accessible to all young bassists that wish to attend, we will need more money this year and in the future. Read more about our scholarship program on our website HERE, and check back frequently, since the scholarship section is still new and constantly changing ! More information on the event below:


You! if you live or work in Madison, come check out the Soup on Sunday. Remember, the presenters with the most votes are the ones that get the $$ ! Tickets reserved or purchased ahead of time online. There will be one other charity at the soup this Sunday, The Lang Family House of Terror, a fundraiser to provide alternative activities for teens fighting addiction.

What is the Madison Soup?

The Madison Soup is a micro-granting organization that seeks to support projects that benefit the Madison area community. They bring in chefs from local restaurants to cook 2 (veggie and vegan friendly) soups, served while the local non profits are giving presentations. Attendees pay $10 for the meal (Menus different every time–March 16 menu available here), and listen to 2-5 non profits and charities present information about their projects.

Once everyone has presented, the audience (the diners) vote on the project that they want the money to go to. All of the proceeds from the dinner go to the organization that gets the most votes.


Sunday March 16, 2014.


Sector 67, 2100 Winnebago St., Madison, WI


Please Spread the Word,