RDYB at WMEA Conference

WSMA 2015 Conference Attended by RDYB

On October 30, 2015 RDYB presented at the WMEA (Wisconsin Music Educators Association) Conference hosted by WSMA (Wisconsin School Music Association) as a guest of Ben Ferris’s panel on teaching the bass.

The distinguished panel, including Ben Ferris, Carl Davick, Brad Townsend, Richard Davis, Brian Melk and Catherine Harris answered questions to an attentive audience of school music educators from across the state of Wisconsin.

There was a large turn out to this early morning event, the first in the day for the Friday segment of the conference, so much so that the room had to be converted and people packed in. The attending teachers asked questions about the purchase and maintenance of a bass, how to teach their current bass students, and how to transfer skills from electric bass to bass guitar, bowing and fingering.

The event was insightful in that demonstrated the continuing need to fulfill the mission of RDYB, and perhaps expand programming to include a teacher training seminar.